Area Codes 800-899 ~ Lookup, Finder, Locator, Directory

Below are the area codes between 800 and 899. Please note that if a number is missing, it’s because there currently is no area code for that number. If there’s an explanation that it’s “not a US area code,” this indicates that the area code is for a region that is not in the Continental United States, Alaska, or Canada.

801: Utah area code (UT)
802: Vermont area code (VT)
803: South Carolina area code (SC)
804: Virginia area code (VA)
805: California area code (CA)
806: Texas area code (TX)
807: Ontario, Canada area code (NOT A US AREA CODE)
808: Hawaii area code (HI)
809: Dominican Republic area code (NOT A US AREA CODE)
810: Michigan area code (MI)
812: Indiana area code (IN)
813: Florida area code (FL)
814: Pennsylvania area code (PA)
815: Illinois area code (IL)
816: Missouri area code (MO)
817: Texas area code (TX)
818: California area code (CA)
819: Quebec, Canada area code (NOT A US AREA CODE)
828: North Carolina area code (NC)
829: Dominican Republic (NOT A US AREA CODE)
830: Texas area code (TX)
831: California area code (CA)
832: Texas area code (TX)
835: Pennsylvania area code (PA)
843: South Carolina area code (SC)
845: New York area code (NY)
847: Illinois area code (IL)
848: New Jersey area code (NJ)
850: Florida area code (FL)
856: New Jersey area code (NJ)
857: Massachusetts area code (MA)
858: California area code (CA)
859: Kentucky area code (KY)
860: Connecticut area code (CT)
862: New Jersey area code (NJ)
863: Florida area code (FL)
864: South Carolina area code (SC)
865: Tennessee area code (TN)
867: Canada area code (NOT A US AREA CODE)
868: Trinidad and Tobago area code (NOT A US AREA CODE)
869: St. Kitts and Nevis area code (NOT A US AREA CODE)
878: Pennsylvania area code (PA)

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822: Reserved for toll free numbers
833: Reserved for toll free numbers
844: Reserved for toll free numbers
855: Reserved for toll free numbers
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898: VoIP service numbers

880: Paid toll free numbers
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882: Paid toll free numbers

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