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Need to look up an area code? Want an easy to use area code finder, locator, or directory? Here are the area codes you need, listed by number, for easy reference. We’ve even include information on toll free numbers and 800 numbers.

Have you seen a strange area code coming in on your cell phone or land line? Or wondered if the area code belongs to an ex you wish wouldn’t contact you or a telemarketing firm you’d like to avoid? Need info on area codes for a friendly bet or a trivia contest?

It used to be that there were a reasonable number of area codes in the United States, and some were very well-known (310 area code for Southern California, 212 area code for Manhattan, 312 area code for Chicago, 214 area code for Dallas, 213 area code for Los Angeles).

When cell phones became popular, however, so many new area codes had to be added that it’s no longer easy to match an area code to a specific region. And as more people give up their landlines and rely on their cell phones (taking the phones and numbers with them from state to state), the significance of area codes becomes even more confusing.

Not to worry, though, we’ve got all the area code info you need…just click around to find what you want!

Facts About Area Codes ~ January 2013

Here are some interesting facts about area codes:

•Before the rapid expansion of area codes in the 1990s, all US area codes had a “0” or a “1” as the middle digit.

•An estimated 80% of toll free numbers that have the classic prefix of (800) are owned by companies in the porn industry.

•As new area codes were added, some regions chose to split areas, while others chose to use the new area codes as overlays.

•Area codes were introduced in 1947, with 86 in use at the time.